Meetings - Annual Meeting

About the Annual Meeting

The annual meeting ("Nenkai") is a scholarship convention held once a year. Usually it is held the first Saturday and Sunday in October, Saturday being devoted to public lectures and symposiums, Sunday to individual and group (subcommittee) presentations and poster sessions. Generally the meetings alternate between Tokyo and other localities, and when outside of Tokyo, an excursion is held on Monday following the weekend program. The schedule for the annual meeting is usually announced in May by the executive planning committee.

The first annual meeting was held in the same month of the launch of the Society, September 1949. It featured speakers Kunio Yanagita, Tatsuo Hagiwara and Shinobu Origuchi at the Tokyo Asahi Newspaper's Lecture Hall and twelve other research presentations at Kokugakuin University. Other memorable meetings have included "Kunio Yanagita's 100th Birthday Anniversary International Symposium" held along with the 27th Annual Meeting of 1975 and the Folklore Society of Japan's 50th Anniversary 50th Annual Meeting of 1998. Meetings in recent years have seen 100 to 120 presentations and active question and answer sessions of 400 to 500 participants.

Participation in the annual meeting requires an active member status (the Saturday lecture and symposium is occasionally open to the public). For membership procedures, please look here.