Meeting - Regular Meeting

About Regular Meetings

Regular Meetings("Danwakai") are research presentations held roughly 6 times a year by the Society. In past years, most have been held on Sunday afternoons in the Tokyo area. The March meeting has been devoted to undergraduate theses presentations, May for Master's theses, July devoted to a symposium that links to the Annual Meeting as well as September, November and December or January.

Regular Meetings come from the Mokuyokai (begun in 1934) held by Kunio Yanagita, and from the 1935 establishment of the Minkan Densho no Kai (the predecessor to The Folklore Society of Japan - Nihon Mizoku Gakkai) to the post-WWII 1947 creation of the Folklore Research Institute was held over 270 times. After the establishment of the Institute, the meetings were held 35 times, then from 1949, along with the foundation of the current Society, these meetings were continued under a new name, the "Folklore Society of Japan's Regular Meeting". The meeting number was consequently continued, with the first meeting in April 1949 situated at Meeting 309, and including the presentations of three researchers Hiroji Naoe, Tatsuo Hagiwara and Keigo Seki.