Journals of FSJ

How to Obtain "Nihon Minzokugaku"

Please contact the secretariat to purchase back issues of the journal.

  • Issues 221-263: 1,000 JPY per issue
  • Issues 264-278(newest issue): 2,300 JPY per issue
  • Please ask about enquire to purchase issues earlier than 221.
  • "Nihon Minzokugaku Kaiho" and "Nihon Minzokugaku" Index (Issues 1 through 200) 1,000 JPY
  • Chronology: "50 Years of Nihon Minzokugakkai, 1948-1998" 1,000 JPY

To View "Nihon Minzokugaku" at a University Library

The following link (Webcat Plus) provides a list of universities where the journal can be viewed. Please enquire at specific libraries about the process necessary to browse copies.