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"Nihon Mizokugaku" - Table of Contents

No.284 (Nov, 2015)

  • The Official Aspect of Women's Groups: Involvement of Jokochu in Weddings on the Oshika Peninsula — TOBE Yumi
  • [Research Note] Expansion of Cities and Changes in Rainmaking Rites: A Case Study of Rainmaking Rites in the Nagasako District in Kumamoto City — FUKUNISHI Daisuke
  • [Research Note] Modernization Process of Salt Pans Run by Farmers: Technological Developments at the Watanoha Salt Pan in Miyagi Prefecture — HOSHI Hirokazu

No.283 (Aug, 2015)

Mini Special Feature: Pilgrimage and Folk Beliefs
  • Pilgrimage and Folk Beliefs: Activities of the Joint Tohoku Folklore Association and Significance of Pilgrimage — IWASAKI Masaki
  • Worship of Towada-sama of Lake Towada: A Case of Visiting Distant Shrines — MURANAKA Takehiro
  • Various Aspects of Meguri Rituals: Miyamawari Rites, Tokko, Meguri Jizo, and More — SAITO Juin
  • Tourism and Kiso Ontake Worship: A Case Study of Iwate-shinmei-ko and Tour of 38 Historic Sites — SATO Kazunari
  • A Study of Modern Pilgrimage: Sacred Places from Anime and Video Games — Dale ANDREWS
  • Mountain Worship and Coming-of-Age Ceremony in the Okitama Region: Pilgrimage, Shrine Visits, and Yanaizu Shrine Visits — HARA Junichiro
  • The Omasumawashi Ritual: A Study of Meguri — KIKUCHI Kensaku

No.282 (May, 2015)

  • The Meaning of Folk Art in Folklore Studies: Conceptual Change and Current Issues in Germany — KÔNO Shin
  • [Research Note] A Study of Myoken Worship as Folk Ritual: The Cases of Chiba Shrine and Samukawa Shrine — KOMURA Sumie
  • [Research Note] Change in Utaki Worship: The Case of the Pûru Ritual in Shikamura, Ishigaki City — ÔSHIRO Kimio

No.281 (Feb, 2015)

  • History and Changes in the Matsue Ritual in Tokakuji in Early Modern Times — NAKAMURA Taku
Mini Special Feature: Japanese Folklore Studies and Oral Literature
  • Foreword
  • Demise of Folklore Study Methods in Folktale Research? — HANABE Hideo
  • “Daily Narratives” in Folklore Studies: From “Meiji and Taisho History: Social Conditions” (1931) — SHIGENOBU Yukihiko

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